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If you’re one of the many Dallas drivers who are looking to trade in their current vehicle, you’ve likely heard people comparing black book vs. blue book value. By learning more about the trade-in value meaning, we can differentiate between the two different types of entities. Let’s take a closer look at the black book vs. blue book value with Bob Moore Auto Group today! For more information, feel free to contact us anytime!



What is Kelly Blue Book?

Kelly Blue Book was founded in 1918 and is one of the most trusted when it comes to finding out the estimated trade-in value of your vehicle. They guide Edmond drivers on what their car is worth based on reports provided by car shoppers nationwide. So, when deciding how much your car is worth, KBB is a very valuable resource to help you decide how much you should get for your vehicle.

What is Black Book Value?

So, what is black book value? Black book value is more dealer-driven, and it is not based so much on the consumer. Dealers from across the country report and set the prices listed, therefore, it is popular with dealerships when considering the wholesale price. So, although black book and blue book provide the same information about vehicles, the prices are different.

Black Book vs. Blue Book: Which Is Best For Me?

When comparing black book vs. blue book, you might wonder which would be the most beneficial for you. It’s always best to have as much information as possible, so we recommend using either one of these tools to estimate the value of your vehicle. However, it’s important to remember that these prices will vary as the information is gathered from different sources.

Due to the various promotions, such as our new vehicle specials, you will likely pay a different price than what is provided in these resources. However, they are a good way for many Oklahoma City drivers to get an idea of what their vehicle is worth.

Discuss Your Buying Options With Bob Moore Auto Group!

Now that we’ve compared the difference between black book vs. blue book, and you know more about the trade-in value meaning, come visit our finance center for more information and car buying tips around Tulsa! If you want to quickly find out how much your car’s worth, you can also use our own value your trade tool in Oklahoma City.


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