2022 Wagoneer vs. Tahoe. vs. LX600

2022 Wagoneer Near Oklahoma City

2022 Wagoneer vs. Chevrolet Tahoe. vs. Lexus LX600

For drivers who want all the power, capacity, and functions of a full-size SUV and some really amazing creature comforts, the choice often comes down to three well-known names. The Wagoneer, Chevy Tahoe, and the Lexus LX600 tend to be the three leaders of this oversized pack. But before making a hasty decision, it is time to compare size, power, features, and sticker price to determine which is legitimately going to be the best large SUV to purchase in 2022.


Looking At The Power

All three of these massive SUVs are ready to deliver some impressive power. The Tahoe uses a 5.3 liter V-8 to give drivers 355 horsepower. The LX600 is making 409 horsepower with a 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6. And the Wagoneer is giving you 392 horsepower from a 5.7 liter V8. But the real question is, how can you put all that power to use towing your favorite toys.

In the case of the LX600, you are maxed out at just over 7,700 pounds. The Tahoe takes it up a notch to allow for a towing capacity of 8,400 pounds. However, the big winner is the Wagoneer that will get you there while pulling a full 10,000 pounds of camper, trailer, or boat along for some added fun.

Another important consideration when evaluating the power of these SUVs is that the Wagoneer 4xe plug-in hybrid will be appearing on roads and trails soon. That gives you another choice for an environmentally friendly SUV that can get the job done reliably on and off-road while eliminating harmful emissions.

Size Matters

When you are looking for a beefy SUV, the overall winner is the Wagoneer. The Wagoneer has almost a full five inches in length advantage over the second-place Tahoe. It is also the widest of the pack and tallest to provide you with a great vantage point. Because these vehicles are very close in size, the capacities are also much the same. The Tahoe only edges out the Wagoneer by a foot or two in cargo capacity with all the various seating configurations.

The Big Number

Once you have taken the test drives and experienced all the features and functions of these large SUVs, there is still one hurdle to overcome, the price tag. And as you might expect, a big SUV has a big price. The one that is most over the top is the Lexus LX600, with an estimated base price of a whopping $90,000. However, you can save yourself a quick $20,000 and go for the base model Wagoneer that comes in at about $70K. Your other option is sacrificing some power and towing capacity to save another ten grand and get the Tahoe.

For drivers who are looking for that large, dependable, and proven off-road capable vehicle, the Wagoneer at around $70,000 is the best bang for your buck. To test drive the all-new 2022 Wagoneer, visit the SUV experts at Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Oklahoma City.

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