Brake Service with Bob Moore Auto Group

Brake Service in Oklahoma City

Brake Service at a Bob Moore Service Center

Your safety out on the road is our biggest priority at Bob Moore Auto Group. That is why we recommend routine vehicle maintenance at one of our Bob Moore service centers in or around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To keep your vehicle in great shape, you will want to get your brakes checked as recommended by your vehicle’s manual or by a professional.

The Importance of Regular Brake Inspections

The brake system is one of the most important components of any vehicle. You will want to keep your brakes in great shape to have the stopping power you need to keep yourself and your passengers safe. You never know when you will need to rely on your brakes’ responsiveness to avoid an accident, so make sure you check their condition regularly.

Brake service will usually include checking all the parts that make up the brake system. If any part is damaged, it could cause less effective braking, especially over time. To avoid brake wear and tear that leads to more expensive repairs or even accidents, our technicians will check parts like the brake pads. The brake pads will wear over time due to friction from applying the brakes. When the pads wear down and become less effective, it causes damage to the rotor. You will want to avoid this at all costs because rotors can be expensive to replace.

Technicians in the service center can also check the fluid condition, calipers, hardware, and other important parts of the brake system. Overall, regular brake maintenance keeps you safe as it prevents costly repairs and accidents.

Signs that Your Brakes May Need Repair

You may be wondering; how exactly do I know when it is time to go in for brake service? First of all, you should get your brakes checked immediately if you notice certain changes in your vehicle’s performance or signs of brake damage. These signs can include:

  • A slow response when you press down on the brake pedal.
  • You notice that your vehicle is wobbling or pulsating when driving at high speeds.
  • Squeaking or grinding sounds when you apply the brakes.
  • Your steering wheel shakes when you drive.
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when braking.

Although these are common signs of brake damage, these are not the only signs that indicate your brakes may need repair. To avoid brake damage and to keep your vehicle performing at its best, we recommend going in for brake service at least once a year or as soon as you notice a problem. When you notice that something feels off about your brakes, it is important to ask a professional to check the brake system immediately.

Drive with confidence knowing that your vehicle will stop as soon as you need it to. You can truly enjoy every commute or adventure when you know that your brakes are there for you when you need them.

Visit one of our Bob Moore locations around Oklahoma City to get quality brake service today.