A/C Service with Bob Moore Auto Group

Vehicle A/C Service in Oklahoma City

Vehicle A/C Service in Oklahoma City

Stay comfortable on all your adventures with a functioning A/C to keep you cool. No one wants to drive around in a hot car, especially during those warm summer months. When it comes time to get your A/C checked or repaired, take it to someone you can trust like the experts in a Bob Moore service center. We have multiple convenient locations in or around Oklahoma City, and our service technicians work hard to provide quick and quality service for all our customers.

How Your Vehicle’s A/C Works

The air conditioning system inside a vehicle keeps you cool by removing moisture from the air and providing cool air. The compressor, the evaporator, and the condenser are the three main parts of the A/C system. The refrigerant is pumped through the system by the compressor. Then, while in a gas state, the refrigerant will go through the evaporator to capture heat. The refrigerant will then make its way to the condenser where it cools and then returns to a liquid.

As you can see, the refrigerant is an important component of the air conditioning system, so it must be free of contaminants for the system to work properly. If your A/C stops cooling, it could also mean you do not have the proper amount of refrigerant due to a leak or possibly another issue. Getting your A/C checked regularly or as soon as you notice a problem is a great way to prevent costly repairs and to stay comfortable in the cool air.

How the A/C System is Checked

First, the air conditioning system in a vehicle will likely be evaluated visually. Service technicians will take a look at the drive belt of the compressor as well as the serpentine belt and other accessible parts. They will check for damage like cracks or leaks in the system. At this point, they will also check to make sure the compressor is functioning appropriately. If no damage can be seen by the naked eye, the next step would be to take the existing refrigerant out of the system. After the old refrigerant is evacuated, a vacuum test will be performed. Finally, they will recharge the A/C system with new refrigerant.

Why Choose a Bob Moore Service Center

Here at Bob Moore Auto Group, we believe in providing excellent service for our customers even after the buying process is complete. You can trust our mechanics in the service center to diagnose and repair any issues your vehicle might have. We can also take care of your routine maintenance needs, like air conditioning system checks, oil changes, brake services, and more.

We have many convenient locations in and around Oklahoma City, including in Norman and Tulsa. By choosing a Bob Moore center as your preferred service department, you are choosing a team that is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.

Call or visit one of our Bob Moore service centers today to learn more about how we can help you stay cool with our A/C service.