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    Used Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for Sale Near Oklahoma City, OK

    If you are looking for a good used car or truck, Bob Moore Auto Group is here to provide you with a great selection to choose from. Bob Moore has been in the business to help our customers for over half a century. We have a network with 15 different Bob Moore dealerships across Oklahoma to serve you by being with you throughout your automotive buying process and beyond.

    Why Buy a Used Vehicle From Bob Moore Auto Group

    New vehicles are pricey and if you have a limited budget, buying a used vehicle may be the perfect way for you to get a car, truck, minivan, or SUV. Buying a new vehicle does give you a high-quality vehicle with a manufacturer warranty, but you also pay new car prices which we know not everyone can afford. Furthermore, when you buy a new vehicle you will pay extra for the options, trims, and packages you want, which can drive your sticker price up by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  Sadly, it doesn’t end there, when you buy a new vehicle, you can anticipate its value will drop by as much as 30% within the first year of ownership, so you will lose money on depreciation. You can also anticipate paying more money on sales taxes when you buy new, and your insurance may be higher as well because you buy new.

    With a used vehicle your depreciation is lower because the initial depreciation has already occurred. You can find several vehicles to choose from when you buy used vehicles from Bob Moore Auto Group, many of these used vehicles may be equipped with the options or special trims you want. When you find one that has everything you want, then the sticker price you see reflects every option that is already on the vehicle.

    With a used vehicle, you will pay less on sales tax because sales tax is based on value, and used vehicles have less value than new vehicles. Additionally, your insurance premiums will also be lower, because again your used vehicle’s value is less than that of a new car, truck, minivan, or SUV. If you are still concerned about buying a used vehicle, you can find a great compromise if you choose a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle from Bob Moore Auto Group.

    After You Buy a Used Vehicle

    Once you have selected your used or CPO vehicle from one of our Bob Moore Auto Group lots, you’ll want to take care of it. Bob Moore will be there for you after you drive it off the lot. Our expert teams of service technicians or auto body technicians are trained on the latest equipment, tools, and techniques to help extend the life of your vehicle. We can perform all your maintenance needs at our service centers. If you are in an accident, our auto body services can fix anything from dents and dings to major repairs. Let Bob Moore Auto Group be your used car agents from start to finish and beyond when you buy a used or CPO vehicle from your friendly neighborhood dealerships of Bob Moore Auto Group.

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