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Volkswagen in Oklahoma City

Discover Volkswagen with Bob Moore Auto Group

With a focus on quality, Volkswagen has been one of the top vehicle manufacturers for decades. With a strict focus on new technologies and user comfort, vehicles like the Golf and ID managed to bring plenty of value to the table and continue to innovate every year in order to be the best possible option on the market. When you’re looking for your next Volkswagen around Oklahoma City, Norman, or Edmond, you’ll want to visit our Volkswagen dealership with Bob Moore Auto Group, Bob Moore Volkswagen, where you’ll find all your favorite models. If one catches your eye, you can easily schedule a test drive.

A Long History

Volkswagen has been around for a very long time and is currently headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. Its focus even in the 1950s was to make the “people’s car,” which would hopefully be affordable for every family. This would later manifest as the original Beetle, which is a model that many still see today, even decades later. This same idea would apply to other models like the Type 2, which would quickly follow. As Volkswagen grew, it began transitioning into other markets over time. There are currently dealerships everywhere, from Brazil to the United States, with the company having a market presence in over 150 countries. This expansion helped Volkswagen mold itself into what it is today, currently harboring 180,000 employees and over 30 production locations in 13 different countries.

Models You Love

The Beetle might be one of the most recognizable models of all time, as its short and compact build separates it from most vehicles on the road. The Golf was also incredibly popular due to its sheer utility and reliability and offered a more affordable option to buyers who still wanted some of the most innovative safety and technological features. At the time, many American families relied on this model as it offered great quality for the price. There’s a similar transition now with the new ID, an all-electric model that’s currently sweeping the markets in Europe and across the world. Often, electric vehicles have high price tags, which can put off new buyers. When it comes to the ID, though, it’s the perfect entryway into electric mobility.

A New Goal

Electric vehicles are quickly overtaking the market due to climate concerns, and Volkswagen aims to be at the head of this new movement. Volkswagen aims to release at least one new electric model a year until 2026, which should help to widen its current fleet. Climate change has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds due to recent developments across the world, and with the bright designers behind some of your favorite models behind the helm, these upcoming vehicles aim to provide all of your favorite features without the use of any gasoline. The all-electric Volkswagen ID is just the start of this new initiative, packing an incredibly long driving range and plenty of power. As more vehicles are unveiled over the coming years, the climate can hopefully heal and recover as the engineers at Volkswagen continue to innovate their line-up for this transition.


If you’re looking to finance a Volkswagen model, you can visit Bob Moore Volkswagen, as they have everything from a way to find your trade-in value to a payment calculator.