EV Service

Electric vehicle Repair in Oklahoma City

EV Service at Bob Moore Auto Group

Now that you own an electric vehicle, you’ll want to keep it running like new. Maintenance for EV models is a lot easier than for traditional gasoline vehicles. But that doesn’t mean any maintenance at all. You’ll want to trust your EV model to the experts at Bob Moore Auto Group.

Low Maintenance

Even though electric vehicles still cost more than gas models when buying new, the overall cost of ownership goes down when you think about how much you save on maintenance.

With EV models, you have no engine, no oil filter, no spark plugs, and about two dozen other parts that aren’t included. What this means is no oil changes that you need to schedule in your busy week. You don’t need to have a tune-up or replace the air filter or spark plugs. You don’t have to worry about the cooling system or transmission.

Doesn’t Mean No Maintenance

The maintenance list for an EV model is pretty short, but it does exist. You’ll need to have the tires rotated on a regular basis, replace wiper blades and check the washer fluid. Don’t forget to check the tire pressure on a regular basis to ensure they are properly inflated.

At 7500-mile intervals:

  • Tires rotated
  • Battery coolant level
  • Cabin heater
  • Accessory power
  • Charger modules
  • Brakes inspected
  • Lubricate door locks

The service technician will perform a visual inspection of many of the vehicle’s components, including power steering, driveshafts, gas struts, and accelerator pedal.

Every 15,000 miles, windshield wiper blades need to be replaced while every 36,000 miles the cabin air filter may be replaced. After five years, the brake fluid should be replaced, and coolant circuits need to be drained and filled.

In time, you’ll need to replace the tires, replace brake pads, and possibly replace the steering or suspension parts. Headlights and taillights may need to be replaced as well.

The EV Battery

The most expensive and one of the most important components of an EV is the battery. Just like with any battery, it loses its ability to maintain a charge over time. This issue happens gradually and won’t cause a negative impact for a long time. If you keep the vehicle long enough, you’ll need to make the decision to trade the car in or replace the battery pack. The situation isn’t much different from replacing an engine on a traditional vehicle.

Service for Your EV

When you want to service your electric vehicle, you want someone who understands EV models. The service teams at Bob Moore Auto Group are trained in electric technology and can help you maintain your vehicle. The technicians are trained on EV models and certified to work on your vehicle. They can help you care for your model with regular maintenance for long life.

Schedule service for your EV at a Bob Moore Auto Group dealership near Oklahoma City. Give us a call or schedule online. We’ll work hard to care for your vehicle and get it back on the road again quickly.