Letter from the CEO

A lot of us grew up with Bob Moore; some of us at the dealership, some of us at home. He taught us all valuable lessons about life.

Of all the things, I learned from my dad, I learned most of all that integrity works, that being fair and honest has both short term and long term results. In short be respectful and do the right thing – always.

Today, our business has grown. The Bob Moore Auto Group now sells over 20,000 cars and trucks a year. No one person or even group of people will be able to reach each of our customers and associates the way my dad once did.

So I’ve decided to create a culture that’s based on the Bob Moore beliefs of hard work and taking care of customers, a culture that is summarized by a simple philosophy….”Experience the Exception.” It’s a way of doing business that will continue to grow our company and in the process grow each of our opportunities. I accepted this leadership position knowing full well the responsibility that I have to our customers to each and every one of our valuable associates and to my father and family as well.

Come see why we are different.


Mark Moore