How Often to Change Your Spark Plugs?

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Have you ever asked yourself, “How often should I change my spark plugs?” If you have, you are not alone. This is a very common question that customers ask their service advisor at the Bob Moore Auto Group. And as a general rule for “how often are spark plugs changed,” we recommend replacing spark plugs every 30,000 miles, which falls in line with most manufacturers’ recommendations. You can check your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for information specific to your make and model vehicle. Or give us a call at 405-239-3581, and we will verify the timeframe for your car and make an appointment for you if it is time for a replacement. Get all the information about when to change spark plugs and what you need to know when changing your spark plugs in this guide from Bob Moore Auto Group.

How Do I Know if My Spark Plugs Need Changing?

The spark plug is part of the lifeline of your vehicle, without them, your vehicle won’t start. So it’s important to know how often should you change your spark plugs. Even before electric vehicles were popular, electricity was an important part of a vehicle’s operation. The spark plug creates a spark to ignite the gasoline in the engine, which causes it to power up.

The number of spark plugs you have depends on how many cylinders are in the engine. A four-cylinder engine will have four spark plugs while a V6 will have six spark plugs. Some models offer two spark plugs for each cylinder, which provides even more precision when starting up.

For the spark plug to work correctly, it must have a gap. Spark plugs are set with a spark plug gap tool. Otherwise, the part won’t function accurately and it won’t allow the air and fuel mixture to ignite.

How Often Are Spark Plugs Changed?

Of course, you would like to get the full 30,000 miles of use from your spark plugs. But is this always how long spark plugs last? It depends on your vehicle. However, if they are beginning to cause problems, time should not be a consideration. Replacements are very affordable and will eliminate all of the following issues you could be noticing:

  • Your vehicle is slow to start or will not start.
  • The engine is running rough and does not sound or feel like it is running smoothly.
  • The engine is misfiring or not running consistently.
  • The engine does not idle smoothly or sound normally.
  • You notice that your fuel consumption is increasing for no apparent reason.
  • You feel a lack of power when you try to accelerate.

If you are experiencing any of these common issues, contact your nearest Bob Moore Group Service Center to schedule an inspection.

Your check engine light on the dashboard may come on when the spark plugs aren’t functioning as they should. It may indicate that the plugs themselves need to be replaced or the spark plug wires or coil packs require replacement. Of course, other issues with your vehicle can cause the light to come on, so it’s best to bring your vehicle to our service teams to have it diagnosed. Our service technicians have the equipment to read the codes that are present when the check engine light comes on. They will be able to tell you if changing the spark plugs will fix the problem.

Benefits of New Spark Plugs

While you are sure to be relieved to have eliminated any of the issues above, you will also be happy to enjoy these additional benefits.

  • Your vehicle will start smoothly and quickly. You will no longer be worried about getting stranded somewhere during your busy day.
  • Fully functional spark plugs will improve your vehicle’s function and decrease your vehicle’s emissions into the environment. So new spark plugs make your vehicle eco-friendlier.
  • Everyone loves to save money, and your new spark plugs will help increase your vehicle’s fuel economy. Costing just a few dollars each, new spark plugs will quickly pay for themselves in fuel savings.
  • The spark from your spark plugs is an essential part of the combustion motors’ function. So, when the plugs provide a constant and consistent spark, your motor will perform at its peak. This allows for smooth and responsive acceleration and power as you drive down the road.

Does your vehicle have an odd, sputtering sound to the motor? Does the engine sound like it is burping or belching rather than purring smoothly like a contented kitten? If so, it is time to contact the Bob Moore service team to schedule an inspection appointment.

When to Change Spark Plugs

If your spark plugs fail and cause misfiring or other problems, then it might be time to find out how often should you change your spark plugs. Failure to replace them can lead to damage to your catalytic converter or other issues with your engine. You don’t want to end up spending thousands of dollars on a new engine because you failed to replace the spark plugs.

If we determine that you need new spark plugs, our staff will provide you with a complete cost estimate. With your approval, we will complete the work quickly and cost-effectively to get you back on the road.

Learn More About Changing Spark Plugs with Bob Moore Auto Group

Now that you know more about when to change spark plugs, contact Bob Moore Auto Group today at one of our dealerships in Oklahoma City, Norman, or Moore, and let us put some spark back into your life. We’ll replace your vehicle’s spark plugs and help ensure reliability and a safe ride, while helping you to learn how long spark plugs last, along with other helpful tips.

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