How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Auto Mechanic Replacing Car Battery

How do you know when it’s time to replace your car battery? How long do batteries last in cars on average? That can depend on factors like weather, brand of battery, and driving habits. But the typical vehicle battery life can reach up to four years. How long do car batteries last once an issue appears? The service center team at Bob Moore Auto Group can help with that and wants to help you keep your car running on our Oklahoma City roads for years to come. So, keep reading to learn more.



How Long Do Batteries Last in Cars?

Performing a car battery change is just part of the normal expense of car ownership. So, how long do batteries last in cars on average? Dallas drivers can expect an average vehicle battery life span of three to four years. Of course, as we said, there are factors that can impact that life span and you may need to replace your battery before then.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last When They Start Having Problems?

Batteries, like other car parts, don’t always break down at a financially convenient time. So. how long do car batteries last usually, once you start noticing an issue? Not very long, typically. Schedule an appointment with our service center right away if your car or battery is showing any of the signs below, so we can get you safely back on our Edmond roads:

Signs You Need a Car Battery Change

  • Your car takes a long time to start
  • There are bulges in the battery
  • The check engine light is flashing (there could be other reasons for this)
  • The battery has leaks
  • It’s getting close to the end of the average vehicle battery life

Trust Your Car to the Experts in the Bob Moore Auto Group Service Center

Did you know that there may be problems other than a dead battery if your car won’t start? The trained professionals in our service centers will be able to troubleshoot the issue right away and tell if you need a new battery or some other type of repair instead. So, schedule an appointment with us or pick up your next battery from our parts center if you plan to replace it yourself. We’re here to help, which is why we’ve made other automotive tips like the ones on this post available for our customers. We also have several convenient locations, like the one in Tulsa. So drop by or contact us today.


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