Transmission Service

Transmission Service in Oklahoma city

Transmission Service at Bob Moore Auto Group

Your transmission is a critical part of your vehicle, and it needs to be maintained for reliable service. You can count on the service department at Bob Moore Auto Group to care for your transmission. Your transmission may require different services throughout its life. Each one is important to ensure it continues to perform up to expectations.

First is the transmission fluid exchange for automatic transmissions. The gears take the power from the engine to the drive wheels. To do this job, the transmission needs fluid to lubricate the gears. Transmission fluid loses its ability to lubricate in time and gets dirty. The fluid needs to be changed after a certain number of miles to prevent damage to the transmission. The transmission fluid is drained and replaced with clean fluid. The filter for the transmission traps dirt that would get into the transmission. It must also be changed regularly to prevent the filter from getting clogged. The transmission pan must be removed and the old filter taken out before the new filter is put in and the pan reattached.

Manual Transmission

The manual transmission on vehicles needs to be cared for as well. Just like with automatic transmissions, a manual requires fluid, which must be replaced on a regular basis. Regular transmission fluid changes help ensure parts are better lubricated and reduce friction, which in turn reduces wear.

While automatic transmissions require automatic transmission fluid, manual transmissions can use motor oil, other oil, and sometimes automatic transmission fluid. It’s important to only use the fluid recommended by the manufacturer for your model.

Transmission Service at Bob Moore Auto Group

To keep your transmission running smoothly and the vehicle performing optimally, you should have your vehicle serviced regularly. Bob Moore Auto Group has service departments dedicated to helping you care for your vehicle.

When you need routine maintenance service for your transmission, you can count on our teams. The service technicians are trained and certified to work on vehicles just like yours. You can call and schedule a transmission fluid exchange and refill or go online to set up an appointment. You can wait in our clean, comfortable waiting areas while we service your vehicle or take the shuttle to work or home until the job is done.

For more extensive transmission work, our service technicians are trained to diagnose the problem and provide an estimate of the cost for your approval. With a major repair, you can decide if it’s worth fixing the transmission or buying a new vehicle. Regular transmission service will help your vehicle last longer and prevent unnecessary repairs. It will also ensure smooth gear changes and a worry-free ride.

Trust your vehicle to the experts at Bob Moore Auto Group. Let us keep you traveling down the highway in a car, truck, or SUV you can depend on. Schedule your next transmission service online or give us a call. We want to help you care for your vehicle until you are ready to replace it.