How to Sanitize Your Car

Cleaning Leather Car Seat

During the last few months, Oklahoma City-area drivers like you have become more interested in learning about how to sanitize your car properly to ensure it’s staying fresh and clean throughout these times. Explore our recommendations for how to sanitize your vehicle. 

Gather Your Cleaning Products

First, collect the disinfectant products to clean your car. Car-specific cleaners for your vehicle’s materials— be it your vinyl dashboard, cloth or leather upholstery, and car mats— can be found at Dallas auto stores and online. Multi-surface sanitizing wipes are also sufficient for some vehicle interior surfaces. 

Most Important Parts to Sanitize

While a comprehensive clean is ideal, we want to highlight the spots in your vehicle that get the most contact. The following areas should get extra attention when it comes to cleaning your vehicle cabin: 

  • Steering wheel: Obviously, your hands stay in contact with the steering wheel as you travel around Dallas and beyond. Wiping down the steering wheel often with surface-friendly disinfectant wipes will keep your wheel germ-free. 
  • Handles: Your interior door handles should also be sanitized with a wipe or cleaning solution often. Be aware that sanitizing wipes can damage your exterior paint, so approach cleaning exterior door handles with soap and water, or however you typically wash your exterior. 
  • Knobs, buttons, and infotainment controls: Your radio, climate control, and even gear shift knobs are frequently touched. Thoroughly wipe these controls down every so often. 
  • Seats: Your seats typically hold onto whatever particles you may have encountered out in the world. Vacuum and gently scrub your seats with a gentle disinfecting solution (depending on your upholstery material) to ensure your vehicle stays as clean as possible. 
  • Cabin Air Filter: Swapping out your current cabin air filter for a new one will provide fresher air throughout your cabin!

Get More Car-Care Tips from Bob Moore Auto Group 

While we all may be driving a bit less, many of us still travel from Tulsa and Edmond to Norman and back for groceries and other necessities— so keeping our cars a clean and safe space is important. We hope these sanitization tips help you feel more confident as you run your errands. For more useful service tips and tricks like these, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are always here to help!

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