What’s It Like to Work at Bob Moore?

September 21st, 2021 by

Imagine working for a company that focuses on fulfilling its own employees first—and then lets that sense of fulfillment and joy spread to the customer.

Imagine a car dealership that’s a part of a well-connected network across the city, full of passionate and driven Oklahomans just like you.

Imagine competitive benefits, employee perks, and systems in place that help you give and receive helpful feedback.

Imagine fulfilling your dreams, and helping others do the same along the way.

Working at Bob Moore is about more than a paycheck. Across all our locations and offices, we’re united under our common purpose: to provide opportunities that fulfill dreams. We are dedicated to our CORE values: Commitment. Opportunity. Respect. Empowerment. That means we provide people-focused service with transparency and integrity, every single time.

Bob Moore employees come from all backgrounds. They hail from local repair shops and accounting firms (and everything in between). We’re a driven and diverse team of folks who care about people, who like having fun, and who believe the experience matters just as much as the sale.

And even more, we’re a place to settle in and grow your career over not just years, but decades. Bob Moore is proud to employ talented individuals who have worked with us for 10, 20, and 30 years.

Imagine the first day of a meaningful, long-term, competitive career you can be proud of.

Let’s make your dreams a reality.

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